Friday, December 11, 2015

Digital Journals

One of the things I've discovered that really help me along with my art journals are digital journals and pixlar express. I carry my phone with me everywhere, take photos frequently.

I must confess I take pictures of weird stuff. I have taken photos of dust motes on the windows and they make some nice effects in pixlar. I have taken pictures of interesting floors,

The Plaza and Dust Motes

My phone's storage is all filled up and I can't bear to clean up because then I wouldn't have all these photos to play with and transform.

At some point, I will have to crack down and clean it all up.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter if the photo is a little blurry. I take a snippet here and a snippet there and add an overlay, use the double exposure and viola! I have photo that looks like a painting.
Benoite Park On A Rainy Day

The most important thing I've learned is to not beat my self up for not journaling in the traditional sense.

I've had to learned to take advantage of the moments and materials that I have available right in the present moment. I am being creative each day, and my filled up phone storage is proof.

I'm often away during the day and taking my journal is usually not an option. All I have is the photos I've taken, and pixlr. I've also started downloading graphics and my journal pages themselves to my phone to play with.

So here's some of examples of what I've been working on.