Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Launching Of Poster Prints By

Welcome to Poster Prints By Us I'm so glad you stopped by!
Steampunk Ostrich

We're Kim and Larry, the quirky geniuses behind Poster Paper Prints.
In the past we have worn many hats. We've owned a thrift store and a siding business, though not at the same time.

Thrift store are awesome. Owning one is a crafter's dream!

Kim has taught 2nd graders and art. 
Halloween School Party (I don't normally come to work in pajamas!)

Kim has always been dabbling in the arts and Larry has the entrepreneurial spirit, which brought us to our Etsy business.

We create fun, and somewhat wacky dictionary art prints. We have a quirky style that combines old with new. Mixing up vintage illustrations with colorful images gives us much delight and causes the crisp, black illustrations to pop! Our images range from classic vintage to contemporary pop culture with some of my own art work for good measure.
We also create the favorites like Alice In Wonderland Prints, the Wizard of Oz, and Edgar Allan Poe with a Twist.

 Steampunked Edgar Allan Poe

What you'll find in this blog:

  • I'll be writing about all the things that bring inspiration. 

  • My one great dream is to create a beautiful, colorful, house filled with my own art work and handmade crafts. I love taking thrift store finds and upcycling them into something new. So I will feature DIY Projects, art projects, and art journaling tips. The dream is to make youtube tutorials, but that is for later.

  • There is so much talent out there. It is very interesting to discover the creative process that artists undergo to create their magic and I'd love to share that with you in interviews with Etsy artists. Picking their brains for business tips wouldn't hurt either.

  • Exclusive Deals on our dictionary art prints. Check out our blog for news and exclusive deals that you can only get here.

  • Vintage Graphics   We have a huge collection of vintage illustrations. It seems a shame to keep them to ourselves. So we will share them here.

Until next time,