Friday, November 27, 2015

Ways To Simplify The Season

Thanksgiving used to be so simple. As a kid, you hung out on the couch in your jammies. Watched the Thanksgiving Day parade, then went to relatives and ate good home cooking.

Today's Thanksgiving involves a whole new level of stress like never before. You cook like mad (okay I don't cook I just go to relatives houses and let them cook. I do help with dishes and do my part on the eating end.)
The next day you are already thinking of Christmas shopping. It's just run, run, buy buy, more, more.

So how to simplify Thanksgiving and the season?

1. Slow Down And Plan
Santa makes lists, you make lists. Stopping and planning makes all the difference between rushing around like mad and leads into step 2.

2. Focus On What's Important
Stop and remember what's important about the holiday season and plan around those priorities.

3, Spread It Out
Accomplish your to do list over a period of time instead of in one massive, mad evening.

4. Turn Off The TV
They have teams of people who design ads to get you to buy those things you don't need. They pay billions of dollars to research ways to get people hand over to their hard earned cash happily.  Do yourself a favor and turn the tube off.

5. Be Selective
Choose the activities and traditions that you truly enjoy and bring meaning to your life. Ditch those no longer serve you or fit your life.

For me I will still be working on my art journal, taking long soaks, and listening to music I enjoy. I'll let a few Christmas songs sneak in, but not many.

I'd love to hear from you and how you simplify the season.